Give a week of your summer to…

  • Impact the lives of children, youth, staff
  • Grow, challenge and share your faith
  • Play like a kid
  • Experience new activities
  • Accept new challenges

Our Summer Camp Programs are very successful due to the strong commitment from our adult volunteers. We have both lay and clergy volunteers working alongside our dedicated staff. We are very thankful for your ministry. All volunteers are subject to background checks and training.

For a brief overview of the adult volunteer job description please click below:

If you’re interested in being a CIT over the summer, check out this page with more information. Once you’ve completed CIT training, you’ll meet with the Assistant Director to talk through which weeks you want to volunteer for over the summer.

Steps to become a Volunteer

Step 1: Click the Apply Online button to the right and complete the online application. You will need to create a new user account in our new system.  We do run required background checks on all volunteers, once we have accepted your application you can check your dashboard and allow for a background check. Please check your dashboard frequently to see if this step is in process.  After we complete the background check, you will only hear back if there is an issue.

You will also submit three names and contact information for References.  The system will automatically send out reference forms by email to your contacts for them to complete. 

References – if you need to complete a form, please check your email, or click on the “online references” to the right. Input the code given in the email to complete the form.

Step 2If you have your own children that will be attending camp – get them registered! Camps will fill quickly, and we cannot save spaces so please register your kids.

Step 3: Meet with your volunteer team. We encourage you to meet and discuss your plan for how your week at camp will look. One member of your team will be designated as the “director” and will be the primary contact with the site. Review the curriculum and think of ways to make it unique or how to bring in activities/crafts/videos etc. to enhance the lessons.

As a part of our Safe Sanctuary policy, we require a ratio of 1 Supervising Counselor per 6 campers for our elementary and middle school aged programs, and at least 1 to 8 in our high school aged programs. Supervising Counselor must be 18 years of age and at least 5 years older than the campers they supervise. Younger volunteers may be allowed, but are unable to be counted as a Supervising Counselor, and are considered on a case by case basis.

Step 4: You will be notified via email when the online video training sessions are ready – log into Expert Online Training (www.ExpertOnlineTraining) to complete each track made available to you. Read through the Conference’s Safe Sanctuaries Policy Manual, and be sure to sign the form in Campwise.  These MUST BE completed a minimum of two weeks prior to your week at camp.

Step 5: Upload all necessary health documents into our system well in advance of your arrival and be ready for additional health screenings when you arrive at camp. We will have a nurse on site during the duration of your camp to help resolve any health questions/issues that arise.

Step 6: Please read the camp curriculum ahead of time. Notify camp of any special requests, such as: special activities, craft supplies, or game materials your team will need. We can accommodate most needs with significant heads up to make sure you have everything your group needs.

Step 7: Pray for your team, your campers, and the camp staff. While this may be last in the list, it is a critical step to centering yourself for the week. Camp is hectic and can be very challenging so it is important to remember that the grace of Christ is at the center of it all.

Should you have any questions please reach out to the appropriate Camp Director:

            Rev. Kirsten Shrom-Rhoads, Manidokan       director@manidokan.com

            Chris Schlieckert, West River                         director@westrivercenter.org

Other Volunteers

West River welcomes VIM teams, youth groups, scout groups and other who want to give their time and talents to continue to improve our accommodations and grounds. If you have a group that is interest in serving in some capacity, please contact our offices at 410-867-0991 or email, 

The West River Center has been owned and operated by The United Methodist Church since 1951. Come and enjoy the peace and solitude of God’s creation.

  • Location 5100 Chalk Point Road, West River, MD 20778
  • Mailing P.O. Box 429, Churchton, MD 20733
  • Phone (410) 867-0991

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